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NewSpec eNews - April 2011
Latest News
Our prices for basic lab components are now even lower, providing you with exceptional values on some of our most popular products. Newport continually strives to improve costs and is passing that savings on to you. The LABasix™ Collection represents a more convenient way for you to quickly find and buy some of the highest quality, value priced products available online.
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Latest Installs
Detak Install Bruker Detak D150 surface profiler installed at Silanna
(former 'Sapphicon')
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Bruker Contour GT-K1 surface profiler installed at Deakin University
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NT9100 Bruker NT9100 and upgrade of D150 Auto stage for
Dr Michael Higgins at the AIIM Facility, Innovation Campus, University of Wollongong
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Upcoming Installs
Install We have had a very exciting run of orders, and are looking forward to the following installs in 2011

- MaiTai eHP DeepSee for Swinburne University
- Spitfire PRO XP and TOPAS for Swinburne University
- Upgrade Multimode AFM at CSIRO
- Wyko Optical Profiler at the University of Tasmania
- Class ABB Solar Simulator for the University of New South Wales
- Millennia Prime 10W for University of Newcastle
New Products
Cobra-Stretch Cobra-Stretch - the next step in dye lasers

Spectra-Physics announces the release to sales of the new Cobra-Stretch amplified pulsed dye laser. Spectra-Physics’ state-of-the-art pulsed dye laser systems are German engineered by partner firm Sirah GmbH for precision, stability and reliability. At the heart of the laser system is a grazing incidence resonator designed to utilize the grating’s dispersion twice per oscillator round-trip, ensuring narrow linewidths with low ASE.
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VersaScan_L532 VersaScan L-532 green pumped OPO laser

The new versaScan L-532 green pumped OPO has nearly all the sane features as the 355 nm pump models. The versaScan L-532 family has pump energies as high as 800 mJ at 532 nm and has BB, BB/HE and MB models available. The versaScan L-532 OPO produces high energy at the hemoglobin absorption region within the water window, making it an ideal source for photoacoustic imaging.
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CONEX AG M100D CONEX-AG-M100D Piezo Motor Mirror Mount, Absolute Positioning, Integrated with Controller

This piezo motor actuated mirror mount has a built-in 2 axis, absolute angular position sensor. It is pre-configured and delivered with the CONEX-AGAP controller. The absolute position sensor not only provides highly repeatable positioning, but also enables the recovery of a previously-saved position.
The CONEX-AGAP is a very compact and inexpensive dual axis motion controller and is compatible with the NSTRUCT Instrument Manager platform, simple and intuitive to use, and conveniently accessible via USB, which also supplies power to the controller.
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Conex Conex-AG-PR1 piezo motor rotary stage

The CONEX-AG-PR100P is a piezo motor rotary stage integrated with a closed-loop piezo motor controller/driver. Originally targeted for repeatable positioning of polarizing optics, it can also be used as a miniature rotation stage for precision positioning of other optics or lightweight samples.
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1917-R Handheld Laser Power Meter 1917-R

The all new 1917-R Laser Power Meter was designed to be the best tool in industry for laser alignment. The ultrafast digital needle design with a large 77 x 58 mm LCD display and a backlight (enabled with an AC adapter) reacts to laser power change even faster than a standard analog power meter, thereby achieving optimal alignment more quickly and easily.
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842-$ Dual Channel Virtual Optical Power/Energy Meter

The all new 842-E-USB is a powerful dual channel virtual optical power/energy meter, compatible with both the 818E Series Pyroelectric Detectors and the 818P Series Thermopile Detectors. After installing the software, your computer turns into a power meter. The impressive high data transfer rate allows downloading data at 10 kHz/channel. An external trigger is available for 2.4 V to 24 V trigger to synchronize the data acquisition to it.
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Aries The Aries™ high-power fixed wavelength laser

The Aries™ is a radical departure from other high-power quantum cascade lasers on the market. It offers up to two full Watts of true continuous wave power in the mid-infrared for the laboratory. The Aries™ will generate 2 W hour after hour without cool-down time-outs. Designed for high-power fiber testing, scene generation, free-space communications applications, infrared countermeasures development, and damage testing, this robust platform allows for both cw and pulsed operation in the same platform.
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UberTuner Über Tuner™ Broad Tuning Pulsed Laser

Über Tuner™ series of broadly tunable ECqcL™ (External Cavity quantum cascade Lasers)
are pulsed lasers which allow unprecedented access to high-brightness coherent light in the mid-IR. They offer up to 250 cm-1 or 1.6 µm of tunability in a single package with narrow linewidth and easy tunability. The Über Tuner™ also offers higher powers – up to 400 mW and even more with the high-power option.
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CWModeHopFree Tunable Laser - CW Mode Hop Free

The Tunable Continuous Wave Mode Hop Free (CW-MHF) External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser (ECqcL™) was developed for high-resolution spectroscopy. This high-end system provides "continuous tunability," also known as Mode Hop Free tuning, over a typical range of 60 cm-1. The combination of a narrow linewidth and excellent wavelength control allows for highly resolved spectral features using broad survey scans. Wavelength modulation over smaller ranges is also a standard feature of the CW-MHF system.
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VIBe VIBe™ – Vibration Isolation Baseplate for Microscopes

VIBe™ is a new table-top vibration isolation platform designed specifically for sensitive instrumentation and microscopes. The VIBe, vibration isolation baseplate, is a compact, effective and easy-to-use platform that significantly reduces that can disturb sensitive instruments. The VIBe is available in four standard shapes, two rectangular and two triangular, that have been designed to satisfy the widest range of application needs.
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NewSpec Advantage
Optical Tables Now in Stock: Optical Tables 4’x 5’, 4’x6’, 4’x8’ & 4’x10’

Call Graeme, Neil or Dave for further details of Optical Tables you can have tomorrow!
Also available, workstations and breadboards of various sizes.
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