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Lasers & Light Sources
  Welcome to our first newsletter for 2014!

australia dayIt would seem we left a little space between newsletters, and it is feels too late to be talking about Christmas and New Years, so, we wish everyone a Happy Australia Day, and hope you all enjoyed the day off as much as we did here in Adelaide.

We have seen a couple of staff join the team with Caroline Christou joining us in in an administration/customer support role, bringing with her over 14 years of experience in the industry. Also, Derrick Choy joined us this month. Derrick spent 15 years working with the Malaysian Hitachi representatives, and will bring to NewSpec his many years of service experience working with Hitachi and other electron microscope brands.

The NewSpec Jnr team also continues to grow with Isaac Thomas Gibson-White and Lewis James Ventura stepping into the world…..we congratulate Andrew, Sonia, Michael and Natalie on their exciting new additions.

Over the last few months we have signed an exclusive distributor agreement with Zygo Corporation, as well as forming a partnership with The Innovation Group to partner with them in the distribution of both Zygo optical profilers and Asylum SPM systems. For further details on any of these products please contact Neil McMahon.
Conferences and Events GradBox
Come see us at ANS 2014 or ACMM/ICONN
At ANS we will have on display a TM3030 Desktop Electron Microscope. The TM3030 has been attracting a lot of attention offering fantastic imaging capabilities in a small package that is able to be located in any laboratory.

At ACMM/ICCON we will have two TM3030 systems (one with Bruker and the other with Oxford EDX) as well as an SU3500 SEM on display and available for demonstrations, please contact Inderpreet Gill if you would like to book a time to have the folks from Hitachi show you over these systems.
NewSpec is supporting the upcoming events listed below…
we hope to see you there!
ANS 2014 Neuroscience Society
28-31st January, 2014 Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, SA

2-8th February, 2014 Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, SA

NewSpec supported these recent events, thank you to those people who came and said hello!
RACI PhysChem2013

ACIS Nanobubble Workshop

SPIE 2013 (SPIE Micro+Nano Materials, Devices, and Applications)

Latest Installs GradBox
Hitachi IM4000
Custom femtoTRAIN installed at ANU
Install of a custom femtoTRAIN system for Barry Luther-Davies at ANU.

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Solary X 480
XEI Plasma Cleaner at CSIRO
Install of a XEI Plasma Cleaner for Zeiss Auriga FIB-SEM at CSIRO.

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Hitachi TM3000
Hitachi TM3000 with Oxford EDX at ATTAR
Install of an Hitachi TM3000 with Oxford EDX at ATTAR, Melbourne.

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Hitachi IM4000
Hitachi SU-3400N at Qantas
Install of a Hitachi SU-3400N at Qantas, Engine Fleet Management.

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Solary X 480
Hitachi TM3030 SEM installed at MCN
Australia's first Hitachi TM3030 with Oxford EDX installed at the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication.
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Hitachi TM3000
Upcoming Installs GradBox
With an exciting run of orders we are looking forward to installing:
- SPL Spitfire ACE regenerative amplifier for UQ

- Ultrafast Systems Halcyone, Helios and EOS for UQ

- Hitachi Tabletop SEM TM3030 with Bruker EDX for Macquarie University

- SPL InSight DeepSee for JCSMR/ANU

- SPL InSight DeepSee and Mai Tai eHP DeepSee for Peter McCallum
Cancer Institute

- SPL Vanguard for NMI

- Newport XP8 based motion control system for UNSW
to install  
New Products from Hitachi GradBox
Ultimate Field Emission SEM: SU8200 Series
Ultra High Resolution FESEM – The SU8200 FE-SEM has the ultimate Cold FE electron source offering unmatched beam brightness.

– Up to 70 nA beam current in the field
– 0.8 nm resolution at 4 mm working distance
– 10 V imaging capability using Beam Deceleration
– No flashing required with patented 'Mild Flashing'

Contact Inderpreet Gill for more details and a demo.
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Tabletop SEM: TM3030
Hitachi's TM3030 Tabletop SEM is unbelievably easy to use with class leading image quality.

- No sample preparation required
- 3 minutes from power-up to first image
- Optional field upgradable EDX (LN2 Free) from Bruker or Oxford
- Optional cooling stages (-25°C or -50°C)

Contact Inderpreet Gill for more details and a demo.
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New Products from XEI GradBox
Zephyr™ SEM Cleaning Technology with Evactron-25Z
After installing more than 1750 Evactron systems worldwide, XEI Scientific have released Zephyr for electron microscope hydrocarbon removal.
- Improve the resolution of your SEM or FESEM
- Get rid of 'black squares' (EBID) on your samples
- Can be operated at lower pressures on turbo-pumped systems
- Longer range and larger volume direct cleaning

Contact Inderpreet Gill for more details and a demo.
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XEI Zephyr  
New Products from Newport GradBox
Microscope Vibration Isolation Platforms
Newport VIBe microscope vibration isolation platforms are designed to match the footprint of a microscope and minimise the workspace occupied by the isolation platform.

- Compact, economical and maintenance free vibration isolation
- Ideal for optical microscopes
- No air hoses or compressor needed
- Load range from 0.9 – 81 kg per isolator

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Newport Vibration Platforms  
Spirit-OPA Automated OPA
The Spirit™-OPA is an automated collinear optical parametric amplifier (OPA) specifically built and optimised for the Spirit™ ultrafast laser.

– 100kHz repetition rates
– Tuning across 210 nm - 16 um
– Powerful, user-friendly source for ultrafast spectroscopy.

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SPL Spirit OPA  
Millennia eV High Power CW DPSS Lasers
The new Millennia® eV™ from Spectra-Physics is the latest generation Millennia.

– powers up to 25 W
– TEM00 beam quality and best-in-class power stability
– Dramatically reduced cost of ownership

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Millennia eV  
Motorised Stage with Integrated Controller
Newport's new FCL series motorised stages feature a fully integrated stepper motor controller allowing users to simply connect a USB cable to a PC, plug in the stage power supply, and start the motion GUI.

– Travel range options: 50, 100 or 200 mm
– USB or Ethernet connectivity
– Separate controller box not required

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Motorised Stages  
Economic Handheld Optical Power Meter
The new 843-R is an economical power meter unit that when combined with Newport's large range of detector heads can measure from pJ and pW to thousands of Watts.

– Ergonomic design
– Compatible with Newport 818, 918D, 819C/D and 919P detector heads
– Large TFT display
– Bar graph or high resolution simulated analogue needle modes

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843-R meter  
New Products from Zygo GradBox
NEXVIEW 3D Optical Profiler
Zygo's Nexview is a 3D optical surface profiler that can quickly and easily measure ANY type of surface.

- from super-smooth to very rough
- Roughness, angles, thin films, large steps, plus more
- feature heights from < 1 nm up to 20 mm

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Zygo Nextview  
Safety Update GradBox
Laser Safety Curtains and Barriers
UNSW have used Entry-Guard systems and our Flex-Guard laser safety curtain to help ensure safety in their laser labs in the Tyree Energy Technology building. NewSpec can offer a range of laser safety equipment from protective eyewear, to laser safety curtains/blinds and interlock systems.

Laser Safety Curtain – Flex-Guard
– Complies with Australian laser safety standards
– 250 W cm2 for 100 seconds!
– Provided with mounting equipment
– Range of options including; interlock switches, viewing ports, valances, ESD panel grounding and more
– No silicone, no out-gassing issue in labs with sensitive optical components

Ever-Guard Bench-Mount barrier system
– Black anodised, light-diffusing, textured Ever-Guard® material
– Rated in excess of 1200 W cm2 for at least 180 seconds!
– Contain laser beams to your optical table
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avantes Ava-spec-RS  
NewSpec are the Australasian distributors for GradBox
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For all of your enquiries please contact Graeme, Neil, Andrew or Gill in our Adelaide office on (08) 8463 1967 or email:
sales@newspec.com.au. NewSpec Pty. Ltd. ABN 82 882 831 899.
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