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Lasers & Light Sources   December 2011 – Seasons Greetings to everyone

We hope everyone enjoys a January break as much as we will!!
It has been an incredibly busy six months at NewSpec with over 30 different lasers, AFM's and profilers to be installed. We thank everyone for their support as we have worked our way through a very long, very pleasing list. On top of this, our congratulations to Graeme Jones who married Jess in October, and went AWOL ....seems after 6 years of NewSpec he deserved a bit of a break!

2012 is looking like an exciting year yet again with Newport acquiring High Q and Ophir, and Bruker acquiring CETR – which has had the immediate impact of adding the HIgh Q and Optimet products to the NewSpec product range and Tribology Test Equipment from CETR, so we have new products to train on across the company. Inderpreet Gill is now installing our first Delong Instruments Electron Microscopes, as well as Evactron in-situ Vacuum Chamber Plasma Cleaners which will also require further training. Read on to discover the lastest news from NewSpec.
New from Newport GradBox
Ophir – now part of the Newport family of brands
Newport Corporation have announced that it has completed the acquisition of Ophir Optronics Ltd, a global leader in precision infrared optics, photonics instrumentation and 3D non-contact measurement equipment. The company, now part of the Newport family, develops, manufactures and markets top quality products that are based on the most advanced technologies and are renowned for their quality and reliability.
Learn More Visit Ophir website
High Q Lasers joins Spectra-Physics
Spectra-Physics now has the added capabilities of High Q Lasers, the largest European manufacturer of ultrafast lasers. High Q brings a set of complementary products including high performance, high-rep rate ultrafast oscillators and amplifiers for OEM and scientific applications. With the acquisition of High Q, Spectra-Physics further expands its portfolio of market leading technologies, products and applications in ultrafast lasers.
Learn More Visit High-Q website
high Q laser
The Newport Resource is now available digitally!
The new resource catalogue is available for free on your iPhone®, iPad® or on the web, making it even easier to source the product you need. Featuring over 500 new products from lasers, light sources, optics, mounts, positioning hardware, instruments, vibration control, new technology application kits and more. View it today!

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Resource Catalogue
Integrity™ VCS Series Vibration Control System
Newport's new Integrity™ VCS vibration control system is an economical isolation platform with superior isolation performance. It combines the performance and value of our patented Newport optical tables with a new, innovative isolation platform that features integrated shelf and mobility accessories to optimize laboratory space, organization and safety.

About the Product View Models
integrity vcs
Newport 1830-R Optical Power Meter
The all new Model 1830-R Optical Power Meter is a completely redesigned optical meter, replicating much of the functionalities and specs of the legacy 1830-C. The 1830-R is a perfect drop-in replacement for your existing 1830-C, which was also the most popular Newport meter used in fiber optic component production and testing. DC power measurements can be displayed in units of W, dBm, dB, in the 10 pW–2 W range.
About the Product Download Data Sheet
wavelength extension
Newport IMS-LM High-Performance Long Travel Linear Motor Stages
The IMS-LM series linear motor stages are designed for self supporting applications with travel ranges from 300 mm to 1200 mm. The stages feature a robust design with high performance and are cost-effective solutions for precision industrial applications such as semi conductor wafer inspection, micro-electronics test and assembly, pick and place, DNA sequencing, or laser machining.
About the Product Download Data Sheet
lms lm series
NewFocus TA-7600 VAMP Tapered Semiconductor Amplifiers
The New Focus VAMP™ series of Tapered Amplifiers is designed to provide up to 2 W of amplified power at a variety of infrared wavelengths. The VAMP will faithfully amplify tunable single-frequency light produced by External Cavity Diode Lasers as well as other light sources of appropriate wavelength. Fiber-coupling input ensures fast, easy, and reliable alignment. Make a secure connection with your FC/APC fiber and that's it!
About the Product Download Data Sheet
TA 7600
NewFocus TLB 7600 Velocity® Widely Tunable Laser
Introducing the world's most advanced tunable diode laser system.
The Velocity offers complete mode-hop-free tuning across its entire output spectrum with closed loop wavelength control. The integrated wavelength monitor system allows the user to set the laser with 0.01 nm accuracy and scan across all or part of the tuning range.

About the Product Download User Guide
NewFocus GHz Nirvana High-Speed Receiver
The New Focus™ GHz Nirvana™ High Speed Receiver is the world's only photoreceiver with automatic balancing, featuring 2000 times higher bandwidth and new fiber coupling, along with completely automatic signal balancing. An operating wavelength range of 900–1650 nm and can cut the effects of laser noise by 25 dB, making even very small signals easy to see. Rise time is less than 1 ns and peak responsivity is 30,000 A W.
About the Product Learn More
New Products from Bruker GradBox
Dimension FastScan AFM – The World's Fastest AFM
Brukers new Dimension FastScan AFM delivers extreme imaging speed without loss of resolution, force control, added complexity, or expensive probes. FastScan is a tip-scanning AFM that allows measurements on both large and small samples, in air or fluids. Dimension FastScan redefines the AFM experience, achieving immediate high resolution images at time rates of 1-second per image frame in air or fluids.
About the Product Download PDF Brochure
fast scan AFM
High Speed Imaging Mode for MultiMode-8 SPM
ScanAsyst-HR Mode offers High-Speed, Faster Scans with No Loss of Resolution. The high-speed ScanAsyst-HR is an optional atomic force microscopy imaging mode available exclusively on the MultiMode® 8 Atomic Force Microscope system. If you have an older MultiMode model please contact NewSpec to find out how to upgrade it to a MultiMode 8 AFM with high-speed ScanAsyst-HR.
About the Product Download Brochure
Scan Asyst
Bruker Acquires CETR – Tribology Test Equipment
CETR is a worldwide leader in nano-mechanical and tribological test instrumentation. Serving both basic materials research and industrial manufacturing in a wide range of fields, including the biomedical, petroleum, microelectronics, energy, and automotive markets.
Products include:
Tribometers, Nanoindentation & Scratch Testers, Analysis Software.
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Products from Delong America GradBox
LVEM5 Benchtop Electron Microscope
The next generation of electron microscope, built on a revolutionary technology platform that combines advanced imaging with unparalleled benchtop convenience. LVEM5 is the smallest multi-mode desktop electron microscope on the market today. No heavy metal staining is required with the LVEM which is a perennial challenge for higher voltage EMs.

About the Product Download Brochure
New Products from XEI Scientific GradBox
Evactron in-situ Vacuum Chamber Plasma Cleaner
The Evactron decontaminator, a compact remote plasma cleaning device, improves electron microscope imaging and analytical performance by removing oils and other hydrocarbons in most vacuum chambers resulting in high-quality images and carbon-free analysis. It can be used as an in situ solution, cleaning EUV and X-ray optics. Options for auto pre-programmed cleaning are available.
About the Product Download Brochure
New Products from Daylight Solutions GradBox
Aries™ Series - High Power, Multi-Wavelength Mid-IR Laser Systems
Daylight Solutions introduces the Aries™ series of high-power and fixed-wavelength lasers in the mid-IR. A modular "socket" approach allows for flexibility in performance including up to 10 W or 7 different simultaneous wavelengths. Proprietary beam combination techniques allow for collinear beam output for most wavelength combinations. Designed for high-power applications including optical fiber testing and infrared countermeasures.
About the Product Download Spec Sheet
aries series
Unicorn™ II Fixed-wavelength Lasers
Daylight Solutions have reinvented the fixed-wavelength laser with a series of innovations that mean better performance from the new Unicorn™ II laser.  A more robust and stable resonator structure means better linewidth and wavelength stability as environmental conditions vary. The new HFQD control electronics (High-Fidelity QCL Drive) allow for increased repetition rates and longer pulses while providing more protection for the gain chip.
About the Product Download Spec Sheet
Tuning Range Increase for Our CW-Pulsed Lasers
Daylight Solutions have improved the quality of our laser chips and the precision of manufacturing. This translates into improved tuning specifications. Many of their standard models can support broader tuning ranges (≥70 cm-1). Now specifing ≥120 cm-1 of tuning at 4.5 µm and ≥110 cm-1 at wavelengths in the 5-6 µm region. Other tuning ranges have increased too.
About the Product Download Spec Sheet
cw pulsed
Latest Installs GradBox
IQE-200 Solar Simulator
Oriel IQE-200 Solar Simulator for Lan Fu at ANU.

About the Product
About the Lab
Oriel QE/IPCE System
– Griffith Uni
QE/IPCE Measurement Kit, Silicon Detector system for Dr Haimin Zhang at Griffith University.

About the Product
About the Lab
PRO-230 / CobraStretch
– Uni of WA
Spectra Physics PRO-230 Nd:YAG and Sirah CobraStretch dye laser system for Asst/Prof Duncan Wild at the University of Western Australia.
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About the Lab
PRO-230 / CobraStretch
– Curtin Uni
Spectra Physics PRO-230 Nd:YAG and Sirah CobraStretch dye laser system for Prof Mark Buntine at Curtin University.
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About the Lab
Plasma Cleaning Systems – Deakin Uni
Installation of 2 Evactron-25 and a SoftClean chamber for Dr. Andrew Sullivan at ITRI, Deakin Uni, Geelong.

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About the Lab
Multimode 8
Bruker Multimode 8 AFM Upgrade – UniSA
Bruker MultiMode 8 AFM upgrade for Dr. Marta Krasowska at Ian Wark Research Institute, UniSA.

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About the Lab
Upcoming Installs GradBox
With an exciting run of orders we looking forward to installing:
- Bruker GT optical profiler at Swinburne University.
- EdgeWave 120W @ 10kHz Nd:YAG laser for University of Sydney.
- EdgeWave 30W @ 10kHz Nd:YAG laser for University of Sydney.
- Credo high speed dye laser for University of Sydney.
- Delong LVEM5 benchtop TEM for Swinburne University.
- Bruker GT optical profiler for Melbourne University.
- Bruker Icon AFM for University of New South Wales.
- Bruker Dektak stylus profiler for Australian National University.
- XEI Evactron plasma cleaning system for Queensland University.
- Class AAA Solar Simulator for University of Qld.
- PRO-230 + CobraStretch for Uni of Wollongong.
- PRO-230 + CobraStretch for University of Canterbury.
- CobraStretch Dye Laser for University of Qld (Tim McIntyre).
mai tai  
Australian Stock on SALE and ready for delivery GradBox
Now in Stock: Optical Tables 4'x 5', 4'x6', 4'x8' & 4'x10'
Call Graeme, Neil or Dave for further details of Optical Tables you can have tomorrow! Also available, workstations and breadboards of various sizes.

More Info  
table sale  
NewSpec are the Australasian distributors for GradBox
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For all of your enquiries please contact Graeme, Neil or Gill in our Adelaide office on (08) 8463 1967 or email:
sales@newspec.com.au. NewSpec Pty. Ltd. ABN 82 882 831 899.
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