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August 2017
M and M 2017

The annual Microscopy and Microanalysis meeting (M&M) was held recently in St Louis, USA. Hitachi put on fantastic display, with over 10 microscopes and associated pieces of equipment running in the booth. Demonstrations, particularly on the new instruments ran pretty much non-stop throughout the show.

New releases for Hitachi this year are listed in more detail below, but included the new TM4000 Desktop SEM, Regulus 8200 Series SEM and ArBlade Ion Milling system. The still recently released HT7800 TEM system proved one of the most popular demonstrations across the entire week.

TM4000 SERIES Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscopes
TM4000Plus Desktop SEM

This brand new generation of the long-standing Hitachi tabletop microscopes (TM) integrates ease of use, optimised imaging, and high-image quality, while maintaining the compact and robust design of the leading Hitachi TM Series products. Features include:

Easy to use interface for fast acquisition of high quality data
Detectors for characterisation of coated and non-coated samples
Environmentally friendly and efficient vacuum system allows sample insertion to data acquisition and report generation to occur in just minutes
Highly configurable platform for different accessories and applications
Software integrated sample navigation camera (optional)
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HT7800 TEM


Transmission Electron Microscopes
Building on the renowned HT7700 model, Hitachi High-Technologies has released the new HT7800 Series of Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM)with features including;
Unique Hitachi Dual-Mode Objective Lens
Normal room light operation
Automated functionality for both novice and advanced users
Advanced stage-sample navigation
Class leading performance with special ultra-resolution lens configuration (HT7830)
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Regulus FE-SEM


Field Emission SEMs
The Regulus Series systems are built upon Hitachi’s highly reliable core technologies representing the next generation of FE-SEM for superior Ultra High Resolution (UHR) imaging with the most advanced cold field emission gun technology and detection systems.
Cold field emission (CFE) gun optimised for low-voltage, high-resolution imaging with low aberration
Resolution improved by 20% compared to previous models (Regulus8220/8230/8240: 0.9 nm at 1 kV; Regulus8100: 1.1 nm at 1 kV)
Maximum magnification 2,000,000x
User-support functions to ensure high performance
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ArBlade5000 Ion Milling System


ArBLADE 5000
High Throughput Ion-Milling
Hitachi has released the “ArBlade 5000”, our top of the line high-throughput ion-milling system for producing exceptional quality cross-sectioned or flat-flat milled samples for high-resolution scanning electron microscopy. Features include:
New fast-milling Argon ion gun (cross-section milling rate : 1 mm/hr or faster)
Optional holder for wide-area cross-section milling, mill samples up to 8 mm in width
New and improved operating interface with LCD touch panel
Hybrid ion-milling system supporting both cross-section milling and Flat milling
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Focused Ion Beam-Scanning Electron Microscope
Hitachi High-Technologies have announced the release of an all-new high-performance "ETHOS" Focused Ion Beam-Scanning Electron Microscope (FIB-SEM). A newly developed magnetic/electrostatic compound lens enables ETHOS to deliver advanced imaging performance resolving sub-nanometer features in high contrast for low-voltage SEM applications. Features include:
High-intensity cold-cathode field emission electron gun
Real-time FIB process observation capabilities
Anti-Curtaining Effect (ACE) technology
Large and highly configurable sample chamber
Triple beam configuration for advanced TEM sample preparation
The ETHOS system is designed to meet the needs of cutting edge research, especially in the fields of high-performance devices, nanomaterials, medicine and biology.
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Microelectronics Research at The University of Queensland, School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering
Application Focus Ga-Cu intermetallics

The Nihon Superior Centre for the Manufacture of Electronic Materials (NSCMEM) at The University of Queensland is involved in world class research for advancement of manufacturing in the microelectronics industry. One research project involves studying the inherent properties of Ga and Ga-based alloys which make them suitable for a range of emerging applications in microelectronics including miniaturised and deformable products that are non-toxic and suitable for assembly at low temperatures.

NewSpec supported equipment at NSCMEM includes a Hitachi TM3030 Tabletop SEM equipped with a Bruker Quantax 70 EDX system which is backed up with a NanoStructured Coatings Co. Gold and Carbon Coater for sample preparation. Results below, from PhD student Ms Shiqian Liu, are part of a study which aims to develop a fundamental and comprehensive understanding of interfacial reactions between Ga-based alloys and common substrates in microelectronics.

This TM3030, one of two currently installed at the University, is used regularly by more than a dozen individual researchers including both postgraduate and undergraduate students from the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering.

Application Focus Ga-Cu intermetallics
The above SEM image, taken with a Hitachi TM3030 desktop electron microscope, shows the top view of Ga-Cu intermetallics on a Cu plate. Ga reacts to form “brick-like” intermetallics on the Cu substrate at room temperature.
Application Focus Ga-Cu intermetallics
A better understanding of the interfacial microstructure can be achieved by using the TM3030 to probe a cross-sectioned sample. Above images show a BSE image as well as an overlayed elemental distribution of Copper, Gallium and Tin from the accompanying EDS maps of the sample. This data was generated using the Bruker Quantax70 EDX accessory.
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