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April 2018
In this issue:

BLAZE - Revolutionary High-Speed Camera for Spectroscopy
FERGIE - Compact, Aberration Free Spectrometer
SpectraPro-HRS - High Resolution Imaging Spectrographs
KURO - Back-Illuminated Scientific CMOS Camera
LightField v6.7.1 Software Updates
Princeton Instruments BLAZE
Revolutionary High-Speed Camera for Spectroscopy
PI Blaze

Princeton Instruments' new BLAZE Spectroscopy cameras use a revolutionary new CCD sensor with up to 3X higher NIR sensitivity than conventional CCD’s. BLAZE offers blazing spectral rates up to thousands of spectra per second and for low light applications, BLAZE delivers True -100ºC cooling for ultra-low dark current. No other scientific low-light spectroscopy detector camera can match BLAZE’s performance and ease of use. BLAZE is perfect for demanding applications such as Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence or photoluminescence.

BLAZE Features:

Super Sensitive - Up to 75% QE @ 1000 nm
Blazing Fast - Dual 16 MHz readouts
ArcTec™ technology for -95°C in air and True -100°C with 20°C liquid

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PI Fergie


Princeton Instruments FERGIE
Aberration-free Spectrograph with Low-Noise CCD Camera

Princeton Instrument's new FERGIE compact, imaging spectrograph offers low-noise aberration-free imaging performance over a wide wavelength range with an integrated cooled CCD camera – all with a footprint smaller than an A4 text book! A wide range of complex experiments for a wide range of applications can be assembled on top of a small desk using unique light-coupling CUBES, laser sources, fibreoptics, and powerful software. For example, a typical Raman experiment that used to take hours to set up now can be completed in less than 90 seconds!

FERGIE Features:

Aberration free, low noise imaging spectrograph
Compact foot print
Easy setup and data collection using unique “Cube” accessory system
Integrated cooled CCD camera
Free Space and Fibre Input Adapters
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Princeton Instruments SpectraPro-HRS
Versatile, High Resolution Imaging Spectrographs & Monochromators
The New SpectraPro HRS imaging spectrographs are packed with the latest technology and are capable of facilitating just about any spectroscopy application imaginable.

HRS Features and Benefits:

Exclusive AccuDrive™ grating drive system yields up to 3X improvement in wavelength accuracy
ResXtreme™ spectral deconvolution improves spectral resolution and SNR up to 60%
Most precise wavelength and intensity calibration with IntelliCal system
High spectral resolution PLUS reduced astigmatism
Multiple exit ports provide unrivaled versatility for multi-detector operation
Fully supported by 64-bit LightField software and Windows 10
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Princeton Instruments KURO
Back-Illuminated Scientific CMOS Camera

KURO is the world’s first scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera system to implement back-illuminated sensor technology. Until now, back-illuminated technology has been used almost exclusively by CCD camera systems, which despite their excellent sensitivity, are unable to match CMOS frame rates. Front-illuminated CMOS cameras, meanwhile, cannot meet the high-sensitivity requirements of today’s ultra-low-light scientific imaging and spectroscopy applications. KURO cameras, however, deliver both the fast frame rates and the exceptional sensitivity needed for applications such as hyperspectral imaging, astronomy, cold-atom imaging, quantum imaging, fluorescence spectroscopy, and high-speed spectroscopy.

KURO Key Features:

Back-illuminated sCMOS detector with >95% peak QE
Reduced fixed-pattern noise
High speed and low read noise
No microlenses on pixels
Large pixels and wide dynamic range
Powerful 64-bit LightField software
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LightField v6.7.1 Software Updates

Ground breaking software to control your Princeton Instruments systems - now with Windows 10 support! Combined with PI’s award-winning spectroscopy and imaging products, LightField is a game-changer and has become the benchmark for scientific software. Whether you're involved in Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence, combustion, quantum imaging, astronomy, or x-ray imaging, you'll appreciate LightField's power and flexibility.

Lightfield Features:

Windows 10 compatible
Complete control of PI cameras and spectrographs
Powerful built-in math engine
Acquire directly from LabVIEW, MATLAB and Python script interfaces
Automation support for Python scripts!
Smart Search function
Export to your favourite file formats live or post acquisition
Email notification of experiment status
Supports IntelliCal wavelength and intensity spectral calibration
Synchronized view provides quick comparison to the same region or peak in two or more data sets
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