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Lasers & Light Sources
  May 2013 - Welcome to this edition of our eNews

As the NewSpec team continues to grow, we did wonder about the impact of hiring five people who were fairly newly married…..there was some mention of a possible influx of babies, and it has started with Graeme, Jess, Harry & Mary welcoming Toby to the Jones family on March 12. It is an exciting time as we look forward to welcoming several more additions to the team over the coming months.

On a slightly more technical front, electron microscope training continues with Inderpreet Gill travelling to Tokyo and spending time at Hitachi's Tokyo Solutions Laboratory, Naka Global Applications Centre and Naka Production Facility for training on the HT7700 TEM, SU80x0 Cold FE-SEM and SU3500 SEM. Andrew also made his first visit to Hitachi for service training.

On the lasers front, Graeme and Andrew are travelling to Laser Munich next week, if you are planning to be there and would like to meet with us and have a tour of the Newport, Spectra Physics, NKT or Oclaro booths, please do not hesitate to contact us.
New from NewSpec GradBox
Hitachi TM3000 Tabletop SEM on sale!
NewSpec are offering for sale our demo Hitachi TM3000 tabletop SEM at a 20% discount off the list price. This SEM is installed at NewSpec headquarters in Adelaide and can be delivered in a few days. If you are interested, please contact Inderpreet Gill

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NewSpec Stocktake Sale
NewSpec is having a stocktake sale, providing a chance to pick up a bargain as we offer some stocked products at 40% off normal pricing.

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Conferences and Events GradBox
NewSpec is supporting the upcoming events listed below…
we hope to see you there!
The second Lowy Cancer Symposium ‘Discovering Cancer Therapeutics'
Date 15-17 May 2013. Venue University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney Australia

NewSpec supported these recent events, thank you to those people who came and said hello!
12th Biennial Australian Microbeam Analysis Society Symposium AMAS XII

Sixth International Conference on Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology (AMN-6)

26th New Zealand Conference on Microscopy
Latest Installs GradBox
Hitachi IM4000
Hitachi IM4000 installed at UNSW
Hitachi IM4000 Ion Milling system and ZONE Cleaner for Marion Stevens-Kalceff at UNSW.

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Solary X 480
Solary X 480 installed at UNSW
SolaryX 480 laser micromachining work cell at the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering, UNSW.
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Hitachi TM3000
Hitachi TM3000 Tabletop SEM at Malaga W.A.
Hitachi TM3000 Tabletop SEM installed for Bob van Emden at Central Chemical Consulting.

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24 Optical Tables for IPAS at Adelaide University
Earlier this year (Feb) NewSpec successfully installed 24 Newport UT2 Smart tables into the new illumin8 building at Adelaide University in just 2.5 days!

Instrumental in being able to install the optical tables quickly and safely was NewSpec's new optical table hoist and transport system. Using the optical table hoist and transport system we were able to safely manoeuvre the optical tables through narrow airlocks and around very tight corners.

The table hoist and transport system sandwiches the optical table in holding brackets that also allows for safe rotation of the optical table top thru 90 degrees to allow it to fit through tight spaces such as doorways and narrow corridors.

The system can be used with optical tables up to a maximum width of 1.5 m x 4.8 m length with thickness up to 60 cm. It also has a manual winch to lift the optical table to the desired height making lowering onto table legs or lifting off table legs a breeze.

Please contact us if you would like to hire this equipment for your next table installation or move.
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Upcoming Installs GradBox
With an exciting run of orders we are looking forward to installing:
- XEI Plasma Cleaner for CSIRO
- SPL PRO350 for University of Melbourne
- SPL FemtoRegen for ANU
- SPL Mai Tai eHP DeepSee for Monash Pharmocology
- Hitachi SU8020, SU3500, IM4000, E-1045 in New Zealand
- NKT Koheras BoostiK fibre laser for University of Adelaide
- SPL Tsunami for Swinburne University
- SPL Millennia eV 25W for University of New South Wales
- Bruker Dektak XT for Auckland University
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New Products from Newport GradBox
LCS-100 Series Small Area Solar Simulators
The NEW LCS-100 Series Solar Simulators are intended for researchers requiring the performance of a certified system over a small area of illumination, 38 x 38 mm (1.5 x 1.5 inch). These simulators meet Class ABB as defined by the ASTM, IEC and JIS standards. The compact design includes integrated power supply, ignitor, homogeniser and lamp housing. The simple 'drop-in' lamp assembly means that no lamp alignment is required.
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Precision Grade (PG) Optical Breadboard
Newport's Precision Grade (PG) Optical Breadboard provides rock-solid stability and rigidity to support demanding research applications. PG series breadboards are available in two and four inch thickness, and demonstrate an outstanding <+/- 0.1 mm (0.004 in.) flatness over two square feet. Both Metric and Imperial versions are available.

PG Series breadboards incorporate a triple core interface honeycomb design that significantly increases rigidity while minimising static deflection, providing unsurpassed stiffness and excellent dynamic rigidity. Sealed mounting holes. Patented modal dampers for improved dynamic performance.
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PG Series  
TLS Tunable Light Sources
Newport's NEW TLS series Tunable Light Sources deliver up to 0.6 nm resolution of monochromatic light from 250 nm to 2400 nm (slit size dependent). Designed for researchers who need the flexibility of a modular design with the simplicity of an integrated system. Finally, a pre-aligned and pre-assembled tunable light source that requires no set-up! Utilising a simple and compact design resulted in an economical solution without compromising performance, stability or safety. The output of each system is measured prior to shipment and the measured data included for user reference.
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BroadBeam™ High Reflector Mirrors
BroadBeam™ High Reflector Mirrors from Newport provide 99% average reflectivity of laser beams over an extremely broad wavelength range. Designed to be used from 350 to 1100 nm with a 0 to 50 degree angle of incidence, the mirror has unprecedented specifications at an incredible value. UV grade fused silica substrates are polished to λ/10 flatness and 10-5 surface quality preserve wavefront quality, minimise scatter, and maintain stability. An all dielectric IBS coating minimizes scatter and maximises reflection.

- Extraordinary quality at a low price
- 350-1100 nm wavelength range
- 0° to 50° incidence angle
- Rave>99% for both S and P polarizations
- All dielectric high reflector
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UV Beam Viewer
By placing this optically clear device into the path of a UV laser, beam characteristics such as laser mode structure, beam shape, and beam alignment can be observed because the optical glass will glow white green when exposed to UV radiation. Newport's UV beam viewer is ideal for Excimer wavelengths, is cleanroom-compatible, and is transmissive at 355 nm.
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Newport VACB  
New Products from Bruker GradBox
Capturing Biological Dynamics with Ease
Bruker's FastScan-Bio AFM provides the ability to image live cell interactions with nanometre resolution on timescales relevant to dynamic cellular events (images /sec). FastScan-Bio offers the unique combination of high-resolution and high-speed scanning to provide the best solution for the observation of molecules, proteins, DNA, RNA, living cell membranes and tissues, and many other dynamics studies.
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biological dynamics  
Changing Face of the Queen
These three topography images of the Queen's head are from three generations of Australian Five Cent coins (1971, 1997 and 2012).
The images were captured by a Bruker ContourGT optical profiler on the NewSpec booth at the AIP Congress held in Sydney in December 2012.
The 3D images are metrological grade so surface features can be measured to sub-micron accuracy in 3D. Contact us for a demonstration of this fast, repeatable and easy to use instrument.
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nano indentor  
World's First Automated Bench Top Profiler with Tip/Tilt Head
The ContourGT-I 3D Optical Microscope from Bruker, combines over three decades of surface metrology innovation and experience into a single bench top system to deliver production-ready automation, measurement angle flexibility, outstanding imaging, and proven gage-capable performance. Incorporating Bruker's proprietary tip/tilt optical head, the system is fully automated and programmable to measure surface features with exacting accuracy and repeatability.
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ContourGT-1 3D  
New Products from Hitachi GradBox
300kV High resolution in-situ TEM H-9500
Hitachi High Technologies, Inc. has developed the H-9500 transmission electron microscope based on many decades of field proven, high performance, high resolution transmission electron microscopy. The new H-9500 system allows users to quickly and easily obtain atomic level structural information.

- Atomic resolution gas injection-heating in-situ TEM
- Digital, user-friendly atomic resolution imaging
- Resolution: 0.10 nm (crystal lattice), 0.18 nm (point-to-point)
- High sample throughput
- High stability 5-axis side-entry hyper stage
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Hitachi TEM H-9500  
New Products from Avantes GradBox
Avantes, a leading manufacturer of fibre optic spectroscopy instruments and systems, announces the introduction of their smallest instrument ever, the AvaSpec-Micro. It measures only 62 x 42 x 14.8 mm, about the size of a two matchboxes.

This newest addition to Avantes "CompactLine" series of spectrometers comes soon after the launch of the AvaSpec-Mini, also one of the smallest spectrometers ever made. However the new AvaSpec-Micro is only 30% of the size of the Mini. The Micro boasts a resolution of up to 0.8nm with a 2500 pixel detector. Available wavelength ranges are 370-750nm for visible light and 225-850nm for UV/VIS measurements.

The AvaSpec-Micro is ideal for OEM applications and is powered by a standard USB 2.0 connection, which is also used for data transfer. For industry applications, four configurable digital I/O ports are available. It weighs only 58 grams, and comes standard with a 20 micrometre entrance slit.
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avantes Ava-spec-RS  
AVAsoft FEMTO Application
The AVAsoft FEMTO software turns your existing Avantes spectrometer into a femtosecond laser diagnostic tool that can provide an estimation of the transform limited pulse duration as well as measuring the peak wavelength and relative intensity of the laser output. The software can also export the measurements to spread sheet programs like MS Excel for record keeping or further analysis.

The AVAsoft FEMTO software allows for a quick convenient way to show the transform limited pulse duration according to the pulse shape selected in the software while also providing a good general purpose spectrometer that can be used for various applications in the lab.
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New Products from Kentek GradBox
Laser Safety Curtains and Barriers
NewSpec can offer a wide range of options for Laser Safety Curtains, Blinds and Barriers from Kentek that comply with the Australian Standards.

Our regular duty Flex-Guard™ laser curtain system is rated at 250 W/cm2 for 100 seconds! For higher power laser applications we can also provide the Ever-Guard® all-metal, sliding curtain system that is rated for 1200 W/cm2 for at least 3 minutes!

Kentek's curtains are tested and rated to meet the major laser safety curtain standards; EN 12254:2010, EN 60825-4 Ed. 2.0:2006, ANSI Z 136.7 and NFPA-701. Australia's current standard for laser guards is AS/NZS 2211.4:2002 (equivalent to EN 60825-4 Ed. 1.0:1997).
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avantes Ava-spec-RS  
New Products from XEI GradBox
CombiClean Plasma System for FIB/SEM/TEM sample and TEM holder cleaning
NewSpec is offering a CombiClean plasma decontaminator system with an in-situ plasma source (for SEM or a vacuum chamber) at a 15% discount off the list price. The CombiClean is currently installed at NewSpec headoffice in Adelaide and can be delivered in a few days. If you are interested, please contact Inderpreet Gill.
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avantes Ava-spec-RS  
Australian Stock on SALE and ready for delivery GradBox
Now in Stock: Optical Tables 4'x5', 4'x6', 4'x8' & 4'x10'
Call Graeme, Neil or Dave for further details of Optical Tables you can have tomorrow! Also available, workstations and breadboards of various sizes.

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NewSpec are the Australasian distributors for GradBox
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For all of your enquiries please contact Graeme, Neil, Andrew or Gill in our Adelaide office on (08) 8463 1967 or email:
sales@newspec.com.au. NewSpec Pty. Ltd. ABN 82 882 831 899.
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