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Lasers & Light Sources   July 2012 - Welcome to this edition of our eNews

The second quarter of 2012 has seen some changes at NewSpec, with continued additional staff we feel we are getting on top of those "niggling" issues we could just never quite get on top of, we hope that over the coming months this will become more obvious to our customers as our support improves in a number of different areas.

We are very pleased to have signed an exclusive agreement with Biophotonic Solutions which sees us supporting their range of Multiphoton Intrapulse Interference Phase Scan (MIIPS) solutions for ultrashort pulse beam shaping, Andrew Gibson-White will be taking care of these products for us.

Our new agreement with Geoff Douglas and Hitachi High-Tech (see below) is also a truly exciting opportunity, and something a little different for NewSpec as we form a long term partnership with Geoff's company Douglas Scientific Instruments to support the Hitachi High-Tech range of Electron Microscopes going forward in Australasia.
Breaking News GradBox
NewSpec Appointed Distribution Partner for Hitachi High-Tech
NewSpec and Douglas Scientific Instruments (DSI) are pleased to announce our new partnership formed for the distribution of Hitachi's Electron Microscope range in Australasia. Geoff Douglas will continue as primary contact for all Hitachi service and support issues, while NewSpec will assume primary responsibility for sales and marketing activities.

This is a significant move in terms of expanding the team supporting Hitachi High-Tech systems in Australia and New Zealand. Geoff will be working hard to train the NewSpec team locally, starting from the baseline models and working our way up. Please be assured that Geoff Douglas will remain the primary engineer for all your support requirements and, as we work over the coming years we will be able to offer a vastly expanded service team for our customer base.

For any sales enquiries or applications support questions please contact Inderpreet Gill or Geoff Douglas.

For any service enquiries, please continue to contact Geoff Douglas, or NewSpec's Service Coordinator Andrew Gibson-White.

For any business related enquiries, please feel free to contact
Geoff Douglas
or Graeme Jones.

New Products from Hitachi GradBox
SU3500 Scanning Electron Microscope
Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation have released the SU3500 Scanning Electron Microscope, a new tool that improves resolution imaging during low acceleration voltages to deliver more accurate and higher resolution observations. In developing the new SU3500 low-vacuum SEM, Hitachi High-Tech improved SEM image observation capacity by completely overhauling the electron optics system, enabling secondary electron imaging at a resolution of 7 nm at 3 kV, and back-scattered electron imaging at a resolution of 10 nm at 5 kV. Redesigned signal processing technology has allowed for observation of brighter images with less noise even during fast scanning speeds. These key changes now make it possible to retain a high degree of operability even when focusing or making stigma adjustments.
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New Products from Newport GradBox
Clear Edge Picomotor Mounts
The New Focus 8821 provides the precision and stability of Picomotor™ actuators with the greater beam access of a clear edge mirror mount in a very cost effective, compact package. Sapphire seats and optimized spring location and force provides for smooth, reliable motorised adjustment while maintaining a high level of thermal and mechanical stability. The Picomotor offers the additional advantage of using the integrated knobs for quick, manual adjustment of all axes.
About the Product Download Data Sheet
Optical Power Meter, 1830-R, USB Only
The all new Model 1830-R Optical Power Meter is a completely redesigned optical meter, replicating much of the functionalities and specifications of the legacy 1830-C Power Meter. The 1830-R is a perfect drop-in replacement for 1830-C, which was the most popular Newport meter used in production testing of fibre optic components. DC power measurements can be displayed in units of W, dBm, dB, and Relative Measurement on the instrument's bright 4 1/2 digit LCD, providing wide dynamic range with power sensitivities down to 10 pW and full scale readings up to 2 W. Various detector accessories allow for both free-space and fibre coupled power measurements.
About the Product Download Data Sheet
High Performance Linear Stage, 800 mm Travel, Linear Motor, 1/4-20
The IMS800LM is an 800mm travel linear motor stage designed for self-supported applications. The stage is robust, with high performance but at a low cost, making it a cost-effective solution for precision industrial applications such as semiconductor wafer inspection, microelectronics test and assembly, pick and place, DNA sequencing and laser machining. The IMS-LM series utilises an extremely stiff, FEM-optimised aluminium extruded body, while minimizing the bi-metal bending commonly found in stages with an aluminium body and steel rails. The IMS-LM is the optimum solution for space constrained applications that require high-throughput, high reliability, and ultra-quiet operation.
About the Product Download Data Sheet
Linear Stage  
Newport XPS-GCODE, G-code converter for Laser Machining
XPS-GCODE is a software that enables your XPS Universal Motion Controller to become a powerful laser machining centre that can read and convert G-codes, display the tool path and execute trajectory routines with the power and precision of Newport Motion Control. The conversion process utilises the advanced features of the XPS to generate smooth motion routines along optimised trajectories with controlled velocity. The laser is activated and additional control is available via Digital and Analogue I/Os of the XPS. In addition to laser machining, XPS-GCODE is capable of handling a wide array of high precision machining processes.

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Sol-UV Series UV Solar Simulators – COLIPA Compliant
The Oriel® Sol-UV™ takes solar simulation into demanding applications in photobiology. All Oriel SOL-UV simulators incorporate a standards compliant UV light output with non-uniformity of irradiance <5% over the entire sampling area. Output power can be varied from 10 - 100% of the maximum available solar constants using the unique integrated attenuating device. All Oriel Sol UV simulators use a black non-reflective finish to minimise stray light. Safety interlocks prevent inadvertent exposure to UV light. These large area UV sources use a xenon lamp and proprietary filters to meet, efficiently and reliably, all performance parameters. The result is a cost-effective system designed for laboratory or production environments.
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solar uv  
New Products from Bruker GradBox
Electrochemical AFM Module
Designed as an accessory for Bruker's Dimension Icon AFM platform, the unique "cup" shaped EC cell can be assembled elsewhere (glovebox or fume hood), then transferred to the AFM where it is held in place magnetically. The new EC cell has the widest chemical solvent compatibility, combining inert Teflon and Kel-F cell bodies with a sealed chamber to enable long term in-situ electrode studies under electrochemical control and in volatile solvents, including those used in Li battery research.
About the Product Download PDF Brochure
fast scan AFM  
Dektak XT – Stylus Surface Profiler
The Dektak-XT is the 10th generation of the legendary Dektak series stylus surface profilers and is the culmination of Dektak's forty years of innovation and industry leadership. The Dektak-XT features a new "arch" design that delivers an industry leading repeatability of < 5 Angstroms with up to 40% faster scan time.

About the Product Download Brochure
detak XT  
Latest Installs GradBox
Dimension FastScan
Tsunami 3941-30-X1S
– University of NSW
Spectra Physics sub-30fs Tsunami for Dr Peter Reece, School of Physics at the University of New South Wales.
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About the Lab
Bruker GT-K1
Bruker GT-K1 Optical Profiler – Melbourne Uni
Our most popular Bruker Contour GT-K1 Optical Profiler installed at Melbourne University for Mr Christopher Schroen.
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About the Lab
Bruker ICON AFM – University of NSW
Bruker ICON AFM installed at the University of New South Wales for Assoc. Professor Marion Stevens-Kalceff.

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About the Lab
Upcoming Installs GradBox
With an exciting run of orders we are looking forward to installing:
- SPL Mai Tai eHP DeepSee + InSight DeepSee for Centenary Institute.
- SPL Millennia Pro 10 for Swinburne University.
- SPL Mai Tai eHP DeepSee + InSight DeepSee for Melbourne University.
- Bruker GT optical profiler for Adelaide University.
- Newport 24 Optical tables for new IPAS building at Adelaide University.
- SPL InSight DeepSee for University of New South Wales.
- Bruker MM8 AFM for Deakin University.
- SPL Mai Tai eHP DeepSee for CSIRO.
to install  
Australian Stock on SALE and ready for delivery GradBox
Now in Stock: Optical Tables 4'x5', 4'x6', 4'x8' & 4'x10'
Call Graeme, Neil or Dave for further details of Optical Tables you can have tomorrow! Also available, workstations and breadboards of various sizes.

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table sale  
NewSpec are the Australasian distributors for GradBox
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For all of your enquiries please contact Graeme, Neil or Gill in our Adelaide office on (08) 8463 1967 or email:
sales@newspec.com.au. NewSpec Pty. Ltd. ABN 82 882 831 899.
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