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Lasers & Light Sources   July 2011 – Welcome to this issue of NewSpec eNews

It has been another busy couple of months at NewSpec, with Thomas and Gill attending training with Bruker in Singapore, and Graeme travelling to Laser Munich to attend training & meetings with Newport, as well as some of our other suppliers. Spectra Physics are celebrating their 50th birthday in 2011, so it was quite an honour (and a surprise to many) that NewSpec were able to send Spectra Physics their second largest scientific order in their history in May…..and yes, that is worldwide! See below for the YAG/Dye laser installs coming up. With over 15 major installs pending, things are not slowing down!
New from Newport GradBox
InSight™ DeepSee™ Ultrafast Laser System for Multiphoton Imaging
An extraordinary new ultrafast laser system that takes multiphoton imaging to new depths. Based on a novel proprietary technology, the InSight DeepSee delivers nearly double the tuning range (680-1300nm) of existing ultrafast lasers & provides seamless access to long infrared wavelengths for deepest in vivo imaging. Robust & fully automated, providing easy-to-use, hands-off operation, freeing users to focus on their research.
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insight deepsee
Spectra-Physics Celebrates 50 years of innovation
Spectra-Physics are celebrating 50 years of technology and product leadership as the industry's first commercial laser company.
With 'Firsts' spanning the first commercial cw, ultrafast Ti:Sapphire and
Q-switched Nd:Vanadate DPSS lasers - Spectra-Physics innovations have
truly shaped the industry.

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spectra physics 50 years
Newport Resource Catalogue 2011 - Available NOW!
Be the first to receive the new resource catalogue which features over 500 new products from lasers, light sources, optics, mounts, positioning hardware, instruments, vibration control, new technology application kits and more.

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Resource Catalogue
Spectra-Physics Spitfire® Ace Amplifier
The Spectra-Physics Spitfire® Ace™ amplifier is the most technically-advanced, ultrafast regenerative amplifier commercially available. It sets a new standard for long term performance, low noise, and day-to-day reproducibility, resulting in stable OPA and harmonic outputs for the most demanding applications. Producing an industry leading average power greater than 5 W at 1, 5 and 10 kHz with (M2 <1.3) beam quality.
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spitfire ace
Wavelength Extension Unit (WEU) for ultrafast oscillators
Newport's new wavelength extension unit is a pre-aligned turn key solution for various spectroscopy and microscopy applications. This device can be easily integrated with ultrafast light sources to perform CARS spectroscopy and CARS microscopy. It can also be integrated with two-photon microscopes to add CARS modality to enhance the imaging capabilities of microscopes.
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wavelength extension
NSTRUCT® Instrument Manager
NSTRUCT is Newport's entirely new software platform that introduces innovative features to speed the implementation and to improve the monitoring and control of scientific experiments. With a incredibly user friendly graphical interface that empowers users to easily start-up & run multiple instruments & motion products in parallel. That makes single point communication and data exchange for electronic hardware a reality.
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NewFocus Velocity® Widely Tunable Laser
Introducing the world's most advanced tunable diode laser system.
The Velocity offers complete mode-hop-free tuning across its entire output spectrum with closed loop wavelength control. The integrated wavelength monitor system allows the user to set the laser with 0.01 nm accuracy and scan across all or part of the tuning range.

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New Products from Bruker GradBox
PeakForce TUNA Tunneling AFM module
A Quantitative Nanoscale Electrical Characterization module which enables high-res conductivity mapping on fragile samples, such as organic pv's, lithium ion cathodes, and carbon nanotube assemblies, eliminating sample damage and tip contamination. This exclusive technology utilises a innovative, high-bandwidth, low-noise current amplifier to provide access to the full fA to μA current range without changing the probe holder.
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NEOS SENTERRA Microscope System
The NEOS is a combined AFM and Raman Microscope System that provides high resolution topography measurements at the molecular level with the capability to perform Raman spectroscopy chemical analysis. The system allows collocated measurements of the region of interest by AFM and Raman, without the need to reposition the sample between methods.

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Acuity XR – Breaks Diffraction Limit
The Acuity XR is a novel optical surface profiler mode that combines unique, patent-pending Bruker hardware and software technology to enable select Contour-GT series optical surface profilers to break the optical diffraction limit and deliver lateral resolutions that were previously considered impossible to achieve (< 130nm).

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contour GT
Dektak XT – Stylus Surface Profiler
The Dektak-XT is the 10th generation of the legendary Dektak series stylus surface profilers and is the culmination of Dektak's forty-year legacy of innovation and industry leadership. The Dektak-XT features a new "arch" design that delivers an industry leading repeatability of < 5 Angstroms with up to 40% faster scan time.

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detak XT
NPFlex LA – 3D Surface Metrology System
The NPFLEX-LA is the first comprehensive, non-contact metrology solution that repeatably quantifies true lead angle and surface texture on dynamic sealing surfaces. Finally, manufacturers of precision turned parts have a 21st century solution to measure Lead Angle instead of relying on the archaic "string method".

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NP Flex
New Products from NKT Photonics GradBox
SuperK VARIA Tunable wavelength & bandwidth filter
The SuperK VARIA is a unique filtering solution which allows not only the tuning of wavelength, but also the variation of bandwidth of the filtered channel. In contrast to AOTF technology, the VARIA suffers no polarization loss and thus delivers high power throughput. For example, powers of over 50mW per wavelength across the full visible spectrum are easily achieved with the VARIA and the EXTREME EXW-12 using only a 10 nm bandwidth.
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superK varia
Latest Installs GradBox
Optical Profiler – UTAS
Bruker NT9100 optical profiler for Dr Michael Breadmore to analyse micro fluidic channels.
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catalyst UNSW
Bio AFM system – UNSW
Bruker Catalyst Bio-AFM for Prof. Palli Thordarson for live cell imaging.

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detak150 dyesol
Stylus Profiler – Dyesol
Bruker Dektak 150 for Adrian Riding for surface roughness and film thickness measurement.
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QE Analyser – Deakin Uni
Newport Oriel IQE measurement system for
Dr. Takuya Tsuzuki for photovoltaic research.

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Spitfire Pro
Spitfire Pro – Swinburne
Spitfire Pro XP and TOPAS system for Xiangping Li, Qiming Zhangat, Dru Morrish, and Stefania Castelletto at Swinburne Uni
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Multimode 8
AFM System – CSIRO
MultiMode-8 AFM system for Dr. Gary Toikka for developing multifunctional polymer surfaces.

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Upcoming Installs GradBox
With an exciting run of orders we looking forward to installing:
- Wyko Surface Profiler with Dynamic MEMS capability at Macquarie Uni.
- MaiTai eHP DeepSee for Swinburne University.
- Class ABB Solar Simulator for the University of New South Wales.
- MaiTai HP for Swinburne University.
- Millennia Pro 10 + 3960-HP for Griffith University.
- Millennia Pro 10 + CW Ti:Sapphire for Swinburne University.
- Stylus Profiler for the University of NSW.
- Optical Profiler for DSTO.
- AFM Systmem for the University of SA.
mai tai  
PRO-230 + CobraStretch Systems to be installed
1: Professor Scott Kable, Department of Chemistry, Uni of Sydney.
2: Professor Mark Buntine, Department of Chemistry, Curtin University.
3: Professor Tim Schmidt Department of Chemistry, Uni of Sydney.
4: Professor Warren Lawrence, Department of Chemistry, Flinders Un..
5: Professor Adam Trevitt, Department of Chemistry, Uni of Wollongong.
6: Professor Duncan Wild, Department of Chemistry, Uni of WA.
7: Dr Shawn Kook, Department of Engineering, Uni of New South Wales.
8: Dr Roger Reeves, Dep. of Physics and Chemistry, Uni of Canterbury.
9: Dr Tim McIntyre, Department of Physics, Uni of Queensland.
About PRO-230 About Cobra Stretch
230 and cobra  
In Stock and ready for delivery GradBox
Now in Stock: Optical Tables 4'x 5', 4'x6', 4'x8' & 4'x10'
Call Graeme, Neil or Dave for further details of Optical Tables you can have tomorrow! Also available, workstations and breadboards of various sizes.

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NewSpec are the Australasian distributors for GradBox
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sales@newspec.com.au. NewSpec Pty. Ltd. ABN 82 882 831 899.
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