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Lasers & Light Sources
  August 2014 - NewSpec has moved!

NewSpec has continued to grow as we move closer to our tenth anniversary. In the end, this has required our second move, however this time we have taken the exciting step of purchasing our own property, and in May we made the big move.
Our new coordinates are:

NewSpec Pty Ltd
330 Glen Osmond Road
Myrtle Bank, South Australia

With well over twice the space of our previous location, we are all rattling around a little, but enjoying it thoroughly.

During May we also signed an exclusive distribution agreement with PlanarTECH, and we are really excited to be offering their suite of products directed at the Graphene/Carbon research market. If you would like further information on their solutions for Raman or CVD, please contact Michael Ventura or Inderpreet Gill
Newport Promotions GradBox
NewSpec's latest Newport promotions for Australia and New Zealand

15% discount from US LIST PRICE on component orders

Until the end of 2014 we are offering a 15% discount from US LIST Prices on Newport / New Focus Opto-Mech and Catalogue optics

$50 flat rate shipping
Flat rate shipping on small Newport component orders for Australian customers

Contact our sales team for more details.

Conferences and Events - See us at... GradBox
NewSpec is supporting the upcoming events listed below…
we hope to see you there!

ComBio 2014
28 Sept–2nd Oct, 2014 National Convention Centre, Canberra, Australia

AIPC (Australian Institute of Physics Congress)
7-11th December, 2014 Canberra, Australia

AMAS XIII (13th Australian Microanalysis Symposium)
9-13th February, 2015 Uni Tasmania, Hobart, Australia

MNZ 2015 (NZ Conference on microscopy)
2-4th February, 2015 Dunedin, New Zealand

AMN-7 (Advanced Materials & Nanotechnology)
8-12th February, 2015 Nelson, New Zealand

Latest Installs GradBox
Below are a list of the latest product installs for our clients:

– SPL Spitfire ACE regenerative amplifier for UQ
– Ultrafast Systems Halcyone, Helios and EOS for UQ
– Hitachi Tabletop SEM TM3030 with Bruker EDX for Macquarie University
– SPL InSight DeepSee for JCSMR/ANU
– SPL Vanguard for NMI
– SPL InSight DeepSee for CSIRO
– SPL Mai Tai eHP DeepSee for Howard Florey
– SPL Mai Tai eHP DeepSee for QBI

Upcoming installs

– SPL InSight DeepSee and Mai Tai eHP DeepSee for Peter McCallum Cancer Institute
– NKT Adjustik E for The University of Queensland
– Hitachi SU1510 at Adelaide University
– SPL INDI and CobraStretch for ANU
– NKT Adjustik E for The University of Auckland

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New Releases GradBox
The World's Most Affordable Supercontinuum Laser. The new SuperK COMPACT is a cost efficient turn-key supercontinuum white light source with a wide output spectrum that covers the entire 450 to 2400 nm region.

- High Brightness and long lifetime
- Visible to IR light from one source (450 to 2400 nm)
- Input pulse trigger and variable repletion rate
- Alternative to ASE sources, lamps and SLDs

Contact David Gibson for a demo.
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NKT SuperK  
Spitfire ACE PA
The Spitfire Ace PA (Power Amplifier) builds upon this highly successful platform by offering even higher energy and output power. The Spitfire Ace PA system produces more than twice the average power of the regen-only Spitfire Ace.

- More than 14 W of output power at 5 kHz
- More than 12 W of output power at 1 and 10 kHz
- Revolutionary XP regenerative cavity design
- Superior mode quality
- Digital synchronisation electronics

Contact Michael Ventura for more details.
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Koheras X15 - The World's Lowest Noise Industrial Fibre Laser
The X15 is the pinnacle of industrial low noise lasers featuring ultra low phase noise well below 1 µrad/vHz combined with a narrow Hz-range linewidth – performance normally only found in scientific systems.

- Industry leading low phase noise
- Extremely narrow linewidth
- Stable single frequency operation
- Integrated function generators
- PM output

Contact David Gibson for more details and a demo.
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koheras X15  
aeroPULSE - High Power Pulsed Fibre Lasers
The aeroPULSE series provides high power quasi-CW output, perfect beam quality, exceptional stability and 24/7 maintenance free operation with either 10 W or 40 W output power emitting at 1035 nm. Other wavelengths, including green, are available upon request.

- Up to 40 W Average Power
- 5 to 20 ps Pulse Length
- Excellent Beam Pointing Stability
- Narrow Linewidth
- Low Cost of Ownership
- All-Fibre Design, Industrial Reliability
- No Warm-Up Time – Instant ON

Contact David Gibson for more details and a demo.
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VeraSol-2 LED Class AAA Solar Simulator
Newport Oriel is proud to introduce the first in a series of innovative solar simulator designs utilising LED light sources. This innovative design independently drives multiple LEDs at 19 individual wavelengths spaced over the spectrum from 400 nm to 1100 nm to ensure a Class AAA certification.

- Output beam size: 2"x2"
- Factory certified IEC, ASTM, JIS AAA rated; CE certified
- Variable output adjustment from 0 to 1.0 sun
- User settable spectral control
- 10,000 hour LED lifetime - no bulb replacement required
- Flexible mounting orientation, Vertical or Horizontal Output Beam
- USB LED control

Contact David Gibson for more details.
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SOLA II Series Light Engines
The SOLA II Series Light Engines are solid state, white light excitation sources for stable, robust, high-intensity illumination in the form of continuous spectral output from 380 to 680 nm. They exceed lamp performance and offer microscopists and life science researchers an alternative to arc lamp systems, but with a much longer lifetime.

- High Intensity
- Quiet and Clean Operation
- Lifetime: > 20,000 hrs
- Low Power Consumption
- Liquid Light Guide and Collimator Accessories
- Robust for Harsh Environments

Contact David Gibson for more details.
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Sola II Series  
Fibre Optic Laser LabSources
Newport's LabSource benchtop modules are compact, free-standing modules that can be easily integrated with existing laboratory equipment. The single-source LS-1 can be used to add Raman spectroscopy capabilities to analytical equipment. The dual-source LS-2 can be used for SERDS analysis. The LS-2 can also be configured with any two of the available wavelengths for extra flexibility.

- Integrated VBG Laboratory Modules
- Single and Dual-Laser Sources
- High Power (up to 500 mW)
- Narrow line width, <0.1 nm
- Excellent Stability
- Wavelengths: 647, 785, 830 and 1064 nm

Contact David Gibson for more details.
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lab sources  
8035 Series FT-IR Scanner
The new 8035 FT-IR Scanner has been designed specifically for Researchers and OEMs who want an instrument easily adaptable to their special needs, at an economical price, and without compromise in performance.

- Modular subsystems let you build an instrument to fit your needs
- Wide spectral coverage from 700 to 28,000 nm
- High resolution up to 0.5 cm-1 (0.02 nm at 700 nm & 0.04 µm at 28 µm)
- USB 2.0 plug and play interface
- Compatible with a wide range of accessories, detectors and sources

Contact David Gibson for more details.
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8035 FT-IR Scanner  
NewSpec is the Australasian distributor for GradBox
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For all of your enquiries please contact Graeme, Neil, Andrew or Gill in our Adelaide office on (08) 8463 1967,
Michael in Melbourne, David in Brisbane or email: sales@newspec.com.au. NewSpec Pty. Ltd. ABN 82 882 831 899.
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