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Newport Component Sale GradBox

Don’t forget our 15% off of US List Price sale continues until December 31, 2014. We have had a really great response so far, with lots of people also taking advantage of our improved freight rates for many orders as well.

*15% discount not valid in conjunction with other discounts and promotions.
  Lasers & Light Sources
Newport Special Promotions GradBox
Low cost flat rate shipping option for small Newport component orders

New Low cost A$50 flat rate shipping option for small Newport component orders (Australian customers only). Need one more mirror mount or lens for an experiment ? Didn't order enough posts? Order it from NewSpec and we will only charge $50 delivery fee.
– Includes optics & opto-mech, manual stages
– Excludes Vibration Control, Oriel items, Motorised positioning, Photonics & Laser equipment.
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Q. What is one of Inderpreet’s favourite pastimes?

First 4 people to email the correct answer to sales@newspec.com.au will win an awesome NewSpec prize.

Hint: Find his image on the NewSpec staff webpage.
Email your answer to: sales@newspec.com.au

Last Month's Winners

Congratulations to last month’s winners (listed below) who correctly identified the mystery part as a prism mount for Newport’s new Optics Cage system.

Watch a video on the Optical Cage system here
  • Julie Kho (Auckland University)
  • Luke Ryves (BT Imaging)
  • Quentin Lewis (Maptek)
  • Mark Blundell
mystery component  
New Products GradBox
Self-Aligning Lens Mounts
Newport’s new A-LINE series lens mounts are designed to make mounting, aligning and focusing lens groups fast and easy. How? The front of each lens mount has a special 6-mm alignment hole for a special guide rods so that several A-LINE lens holders can be mounted together in a row self-aligned. The A-LINE lens mounts all have standard lens tube threading for optic mounting and there are a host of complimenting adaptors for mounting microscope objectives, C-Mount camera lenses and 1-in. mirrors. All of these mounts can be clamped to the 6-mm guide rod using a hex wrench.
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Self-Aligning Lens Mounts  
In-Line Lens Tube and Lens Holders
Newport’s new Lens Tubes allow the combining of several optical components into stable and rigid assemblies. Included in this product family are various lengths of tubes for holding ½, 1 and 2 inch diameter lenses, as well as adaptors for mounting other types of components. Lens tubes can be used to create lens systems such as beam expanders, telescopes, microscopes, or collimators.
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lens tubes  
Ultra-broadband Dielectric Mirrors
Newport’s Ultra-broadband mirrors are IBS coated with special design with layers of dielectric materials to use for high reflection and high damage threshold in a wide wavelength regime. BB.1 coated mirrors covers the UV to visible wavelength regime (350-700 nm) while the BB.2 coated mirror covers the visible to near IR wavelength regime (650-1130 nm) and BB.3 coated mirror covers the UV to near IR wavelength regime (350 - 1100 nm).
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optical delay  
UltraFast Optics Selection Guide
Selecting the proper optic for an ultrafast application is key to the success of your experiment. The dielectric coating and larger material thicknesses will induce dispersion and interference effects that will be detrimental to the ultrashort pulses. Newport has analysed these effects and have amassed a collection of Ultrafast optics specially designed with Ultrashort pulse applications.
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edge grip  
How To Clean Optics Video
Learn the proper technique for cleaning optics. There are several methods for cleaning depending on how dirty the optic is, the size or the mounting. Newport also provides many of the necessary tools for cleaning, available for purchase from NewSpec.
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